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National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) Upgrades

Conceptual Design Review/CD-1 Readiness Checklists

o        CDR Charge 

o        CDR Agenda and Presentations

o        CDR Directory (Reviewers, Attendees, Project Staff)

o        Documentation

         Project Execution Plan (DRAFT)

        General Requirements Documents (GRD)

         Work Breakdown Structure

         Resource Loaded Schedule

         Financial Summary (BA/BO analysis, etc.)

       Risk Register  (DRAFT 10/22/2009)

         Cost Table (by WBS and Year)

         CD-1 Alternate Selection and Cost Range (Unsigned)

        Acquisition Strategy (DRAFT 10/27/2009)

         NEPA Documentation

         Security Vulnerability Analysis

         Long Lead Procurements

        WAFs (Detail Estimates)








Revised: 10/22/2009

R. Simmons