NSTX CSU Review Agenda

Charge to the Reviewers

Does the design meet the requirements?
Is the current understanding of the design adequate for starting cost and schedule estimates?
Have all the analysis issues been at least identfied, if not fully resolved?

Thursday, August 13, 1009 LSB, B318
Time Topic Presenter
8:30 am Overview (PPT 1.4 MB) L. Dudek
8:45 am Motivation for Upgrade and Selection of Design Point     (PPT 1.3 MB) C. Neumeyer
9:05 am Analysis Introduction     (PPT 2.7 MB) P. Titus
9:20 am TF Magnets Conceptual Design     (PPT 14.5 MB)   (PDF 2.1 MB) J. Chrzanowski
9:40 am TF Flex Joint and TF Bundle Stub (PPT 12.3 MB)   (PDF 2.8 MB) T. Willard
10:10 am Break
10:25 am Analysis for the Outer TF structure     (PPT 5.3 MB)     (PDF 2.4 MB) H. Zhang
10:55 am Analysis of VV, Passive Plates    (PPT 4.2 MB)    (PDF 2.1 MB) S. Avasarala
11:25 am Heat Balance Analyses     (PPT 868 KB) A. Brooks
11:35 am Design of OH Magnet     (PPT 14.5 MB)   (PDF 2.1 MB) J. Chrzanowski
11:55 am Analysis of OH Magnet Coil     (PPT 1.3 MB) A. Zolfaghari
12:25 pm Lunch
1:15 pm Design of Inner PF Magnets, Ceramic Break, Bellows, etc (PPT 14.5 MB)   (PDF 2.1 MB)
Centerstack PFCs     (PPT 2.4 MB)
J. Chrzanowski
K. Tresemer
1:35 pm Analysis of the Casing, Inner PF Supports     (PPT 4 MB) L. Myatt
1:55 pm Coil Support Structures     (PPT 3.5 MB) D. Mangra
2:25 pm
Electrical Power System     (PPT 5.4 MB)
Central Instrumentation and Control     (PPT 472 KB)
S. Ramakrishnan
P. Sichta
2:45 pm CS Diagnostics     (PPT 1.5 MB) R. Kaita
3:05 pm Break
3:20 pm Auxiliary Systems — Gas Injection     (PPT 12.4 MB)   (PDF 420 KB) W. Blanchard
3:30 pm Auxiliary Systems — Cooling Water     (PPT 2.1 MB) M. Denault
3:40 pm Miscellaneous Topics     (PPT 24 KB) P. Titus
4:00 pm Chit Discussion L. Dudek
Friday, August 14, 1009 LSB, B318
8:30 am Continuation of Chit Discussion (if required)