From: Alfred von Halle
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 7:31 AM
To: Timothy N. Stevenson; Charles A. Gentile; Erik D. Perry; Ronald L. Strykowsky; Neway Atnafu; Larry Bryant; Mark B. Cropper; Martin Denault; Lawrence E. Dudek; John W. Edwards; Victor Garzotto; George W. Labik; Jeffrey Makiel; Jonathan E. Menard; Craig D. Priniski; Subrahmanya Ramakrishnan; Bob Simmons; John Winkelman; Kelsey Tresemer
Cc: Mike Williams; Jerry D. Levine; Judith A. Malsbury; C. Craig Samtmann
Subject: NSTX NBI Upgrade Peer Review

Attachments: NB Upgrade Peer.3-3-2010.doc; ATT6197056.htm; NB Upgrade Peer Chits.3-3.10.xls; ATT6197057.htm
Attached is the summary of a peer review of the engineering progress made towards a preliminary design of the NSTX neutral beam upgrade.  Also attached is a list of chits with proposed actions generated during this review.

This work is defined in several Work Planning Forms as follows:

WPF # 1497, NBI Decontamination and Refurbishment

WPF # 1505, NBI Beam-Line Services

WPF # 1506, NBI BL2 Duct

WPF # 1507, NBI BL2 Power and Controls

WPF # 1508, NBI BL2 VV Armor

WPF # 1512, Removals/Relocations in NTC for 2nd Neutral Beam